Course Overview

Currently Microsoft Azure has a large job market in the world where you need to enrich your technical qualification by acquiring Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Architect Certification to build yourself to catch those positions. Our Azure Certification Montreal will help you to learn how to configure and manage Azure resources and it will make you familiar with the Microsoft Azure platform. This Azure Cloud training makes you an expert in virtualization, network, storage, and security that are very important to run different solutions on Azure.  As every day many business IT infrastructures are shifting to the Azure platform, there are creating a huge demand for Azure professionals in the job market. So if you are a good learner then you should not be lazy to start this training to be a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Pre-requisites of Azure solution architect certification

If you want to participate in this Azure solution architect certification course, you should have some prior experience in IT operations, networking, security, storage, virtualization, and governance as well as proficiency in Azure administration or Azure development, etc.


Module 01: Introduction

Lesson 01: Course Introduction 

  1. About the Certification
  2. Areas of Skills Covered
  3. Azure Overview

Module 02: Infrastructure Implementation and Monitoring of an Azure Platform

Lesson 01: Monitoring  of Cloud Infrastructure

  1. Monitoring Security & Performance
  2. Monitor Health and Availability
  3. Advanced Logging
  4. Configure Workloads
  5. Configure and Manage Alerts

Lesson 02: Configure Storage Accounts

  1. Configure Azure Files
  2. Implement Blob Storage
  3. Network Connectivity to the Storage Account
  4. Shared Access Signatures
  5. AD Authentication of Azure for Storage
  6. Access Keys Setup
  7. Azure Storage Replication

Lesson 03: VM Configure for both Windows and Linux

  1. Storage Management for VM
  2. Virtual Machine Size
  3. Deploy and Configure Scale Sets
  4. Azure Disk Encryption

Lesson 04: Resources Management and Configuration

  1. Deployment as an Azure Resource Manager Template
  2. Modify ARM Template
  3. Virtual Disk Template
  4. Deploy using a Template
  5. Configure a Template Library

Lesson 05: Virtual Networking

  1. Create VNet to VNet Connections and
  2. VNet Peering

Lesson 06: Azure Active Directory

  1. Add Domains
  2. AD Identity Protection
  3. Self Service Password Reset and Conditional Access
  4. Configure Multi Factor Authentication and Fraud Alerts
  5. Configure Bypass Options, Trusted IP’s and Verification Methods
  6. Guest Account configurations

Lesson 07: Setup and Manage Hybrid Identities

1 Install Azure AD

2 Details of Identity Synchronization Options

3 Configure Single Sign on

Module 03: Implement Management and Security Solutions

Lesson 01: Workloads Management in Azure

1 Migrate Workloads using Azure Migrate

2 Azure Backup for VMs

3 Setup Disaster Recovery

Lesson 02: Load Balancing and Network Security

  1. Configure Azure Load Balancer
  2. Setup an Application Gateway
  3. Configure a Web Application Firewall & Azure Firewall
  4. Setup the Azure Front Door Service and Azure Traffic Manager
  5. Network Security Group

8 Configure Bastion Host

Lesson 03: Azure Governance Solutions

  1. Configure Hierarchical Structure using Management Groups
  2. RBAC Roles and Custom Role
  3. Access to Azure Resources using assigned Roles
  4. Assign Permissions
  5. Azure Policy and Blueprint

Lesson 04: Configure Security for Applications

  1. Azure AD Managed Identities setup Implement and Configure KeyVault
  2. Implement and Configure KeyVault
  3. Register applications in Azure AD

Module 04: Implement Solutions for Apps

Lesson 01: An Azure Application Infrastructure

  1. Details of Azure App Service Configuration
  2. Setup an App Service Web App for Containers
  3. Networking for an App Service
  4. Implement Logic Apps

Lesson 02: Container based Applications

  1. Building a Container Image for Azure
  2. Configure AKS Cluster Service
  3. Publish and Image Deployments to the ACR Instance

Module 05: Managing Data Platforms

Lesson 01: About NoSQL Databases08:44

  1. Storage Account Tables configuratiosn
  2. Select Azure Cosmos DB API
  3. Configure Replicas in Cosmos DB

Lesson 02: About Azure SQL databases

  1. SQL Database Settings for Azure
  2. Managed Instance for Azure SQL Database 03:14
  3. High Availability for an Azure SQL Database