Virtual Meeting Solution Toronto enables you to connect one or more people from different geographical locations. Today the digital technology gives us the opportunity to make a point to point connectivity between two or more locations. Using all the latest technologies such as network connectivity, security,  video streaming technology Hisoft has developed its own virtual meeting solution for the clients. Using our solution you will be able to arrange different virtual events such as Virtual AGM (Annual General Meeting), Virtual Fairs or Virtual Exhibitions, Virtual conferences, Virtual Summits, etc. It will also work as a Distance Learning Solution such as Virtual Class Room,  Online Training, Virtual Workshop, and many more.

Hisoft Virtual Meeting Solution Category

  • Webcasting Services
  • Webinar Services
  • Live Streaming Services
  • Video Conference Services

Webcasting Services

This service allows you to share your videos among multiple points through the internet using video streaming tools, audio, and other communication tools. You achieve the power to communicate with thousands of people worldwide. Thus webcasting has become a popular large-scale virtual meeting tool in this digital period.

Webinar Services

When an organization is in need to share new ideas, experiences, new product information, or any message from higher management then it becomes essential to host and broadcast a virtual event which we call a webinar. It is mainly one-way communication between the host and attendees. Our integrated virtual meeting platform includes a webinar service that serves you for the virtual annual general meetings, web seminars, or any online events.

Live Streaming Services

The key service of the virtual meeting solution is a live video streaming service. Using our live streaming service you can arrange your virtual meeting without any technical knowledge. Our live streaming service broadcast real-time audio-video to your audience over the internet without any destruction and advertisement which is not available in other free video streaming services like youtube.

Video Conference Services

Hisoft live video conferencing service enables you to meet virtually and makes stress less communication. It is easy to make a video conference using video devices like smartphones, web cameras without having IT knowledge.

Key Features of Virtual Meeting Solution Toronto

    • Audio and Video
    • Screen Sharing and File sharing,
  • Breakout rooms
  • Record sessions
  • Control over participant joining
  • OTP for joining the meeting
  • Customized reports