AWS Training

Amazon cloud certification that known as AWS Certification makes you skilled in the most demandable cloud computing technology. Our Amazon cloud certification course Montreal helps you to build a valuable career in Cloud Technology. The course that we have designed is keeping pace with all the latest updates as it keeps you always updated.

Course Details about AWS Certification

Introduction to AWS

History of AWS

What is Cloud Computing?

Why AWS?

About AWS Services

Difference between Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Overview the course details

Overview of the exams


Getting Started

Setup of AWS accounts

Introduction of AWS Console


Working with IAM

Overview to IAM

Getting Started with IAM

IAM Users and Group Creation

IAM Custom Policy Setup

Role Management

Best Practices


Working with Storage Service (S3)

Introduction to Storage Service (S3)

Fundamentals of Storage Service

Difference between Object Storage and Block Storage

Getting Started with Storage Service

Create Bucket and Bucket policy

Bucket properties and Object Properties

Create Static Website Hosting in S3

Create of Versioning and Life cycle for objects

S3 browser

S3 Summary



Working with Elastic Compute (EC2)

Introduction to EC2

Setup EC2 server

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Creation of Elastic IP

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) related task

Creation  Snapshots from EBS Volume



Working with Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

Overview of Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

Application Load Balancing

Network Load Balancing

Auto-Scaling group creation

Testing with different online load testing tool


Working with AWS Monitoring Service (Cloud Watch)

Overview of Cloud Watch

Cloud Watch Alarm

About Simple Notification Service (SNS)


Working with VPC

Basics of  Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Creating public and private subnets

Creating Routing Tables

Creating Internet Gateways

Creating VPC using Wizard

NAT Gateway  and NAT Instance

VPC Endpoints and VPC Peering


Working with RDS

Overview of RDS

RDS Instance Creation

RDS Multi AZ and Read Replicas



Difference between Query and Scan



Working with Domain Name Services

Basics of Rout 53

Domain Registering

Different Routing Policies


Working with Cloud Formation 

Introduction to Cloud Formation

Cloud Formation template design

Creating Stack


Working with AWS Content Delivery Services     

CloudFront Overview

Simple Email Service (SES)

Simple Queue Service (SQS)